New Reign Season 2 Promotional Image

New Reign Season 2 Promotional Image


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Author: Kate / justcallmesmitty

Summary: “Harbor” sequel / Modern AU. On the eve of merging their fathers’ companies, Francis and Mary struggle against unforeseen circumstances that threaten their relationship, friends, and livelihoods.

Pairing: Francis / Mary

Genre: Angst / Hurt & Comfort

Rating: T (for language and possible adult situations; nothing explicit)

"The Plague is here will have a major impact on all of the ladies in season two. Kenna is “going to be much more ambitious after the plague,” with her ambition “testing” her relationship with husband Bash, showrunner Laurie McCarthy previewed, adding that Greer’s love triangle will take a “tragic” turn in the premiere. As for Lola, the French Court will learn she’s the mother of Francis’ child, which will “elevate her status” and bring “surprising new love interests.” And how’s this for a juicy tease? “We’ll see an open marriage during the course of the season and I don’t want to say who,” McCarthy previews. Fingers crossed it’s not Francis and Mary!"
- Fall TV Spoiler-rama: Reign (The CW)